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Why Stainless Steel Bird Cages Could Save Your Parrots Life!

The type of metal your cage is constructed of can actually put your bird at risk from what is called Metal Toxicity poisoning... and it kills hundreds of birds every year.

The birds who are most at risk are medium to large size birds who like to chew on things...(does your bird fit this description?)

When they chew on their non Stainless Steel Parrot Cages. The bird will over time, chip, shave and chew off tiny pieces
of metal and ingest it into his system.

We here at StainlessCages.com are committed to finding you the highest quality stainless steel parrot cages on the market which are guaranteed not to chip to keep your birds safe.

If you are interested in giving your feathered friend the best possible home check out our lineup of High Quality Stainless Steel Bird Cages! We are also going to include $60 of natural parrot toys to help make your parrots new cage a home!